Standing up to Police Militarization in Manchester NH

On June 7th, 2016 residents of the west side of Manchester NH in the neighborhood of Rimmon Heights joined in a protest at the Manchester City Hall. They were protesting the police militarization tactics and shelter in place order that… Continue Reading →

RLS 092 Thanks but no Tanks

podcast: Recorded June 6th, 2016 In this week’s episode, the Rebel Love Crew covers the protest that took place earlier in the very same night at the Manchester City Hall. The protest was led by Carla Gericke, the president… Continue Reading →

RLS 091 – Make America Strange Again

podcast: Recorded May 31st, 2016. The Rebel Love crew with the NH Hempfest family hit up the 14th annual Strange Creek Festival in Greenfield MA this past weekend. Topics this week include our spiritual journey and experiences at Strange… Continue Reading →

RLS 090 Psychedelic Anarchy

podcast: Recorded May 25th, 2016 Psychologic-Anarchist, Psychonaut Extraordinaire, Debonair Dissident Sterlin Lujan joins us as our guest this week. Sterlin is the founder at Psychologic-Anarchist and staff writer, editor, and moderator at The Art of Not Being Governed Topics… Continue Reading →

RLS 089 – Up in Smoke

podcast: Recorded 5/17/16 The Rebel Love Show is joined this week by the NH Hempfest crew! Topics include updates on NH Hempfest, medical cannabis finally legal in the Shire, the creation of a new foundation to help facilitate legalization,… Continue Reading →

Happiness is an Inside Job…And Maybe Also a Conspiracy

Today is May 4th. God, it’d be so much easier to just celebrate Star Wars Day. But you know what else happened today? The government pumped 67 rounds into a group of unarmed college students at Kent State University for… Continue Reading →

RLS 088 DUI Slactivism Record April 26th, 2016 Topics this week include the 420 Rally in Concord, The Rebel Love Show hitting its two year mark, Cop Blocking the DUI checkpoint in Manchester, Steven of Flaming Freedom calls in to talk guns, and… Continue Reading →

RLS 087 – Passing the 420 LOVE

podcast: Recorded April 19th, 2016 Topics this week include recapping the East Coast Cannabis Coalition’s Unity Cypher event hosted by the Rebel Love Show, the upcoming 420 rally on 4/20 in Concord, Rob’s day in court, and the upcoming… Continue Reading →

Sex Drugs and Anarchy Presents- Purple People

I think cosmetic surgery can be beneficial. Be the you that you want to be. We have so much tech now anything is possible. I like being blond I do it well, and it was done professionally and no I… Continue Reading →

RLS 086 Live Free or Sriracha With Randy Clemens

podcast: Recorded April 12th, 2016 Randy Clemens, author of the Sriracha cookbook and the force behind joins us in studio this week. Topics include Randy’s six month journey from libertarian to anarchist, being poly in the shire, cop… Continue Reading →

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